How we get you covered

We understand that trust is paramount when it comes to sustainable products, and that's why we're proud to offer the best customer-centric approach to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with their purchase by providing:

Stay Blue Frame Cover Policy

TheBlueer guarantees a 50% discount voucher for broken, stolen, or lost sunglasses. To be eligible for the Stay Blue Frame Cover, the item must be damaged by an event that occurs after the purchase day. This coverage applys to online purchase and purchase from an authorized store.

Requests for this coverage must be submitted by email to Please attach a picture of the damaged sunglasses (when applicable) and a copy of the purchase receipt. Our team will promptly review your case and issue a discount code. Please include the subject "Stay Blue Frame Cover Request" and your order number in your email.

The discount code will be sent to you by email and can be used once per purchase. It is to be used only on our official website, even if you have purchased it previously at an authorized store, and will be applied to the current selling price of the item.

Please note that the broken sunglasses return is not applicable. Dispose it appropriately. 

Learn how to dispose your sunglasses here.

Your Fit Guarantee

This policy applies to online purchases exclusively.

At TheBlueer, we strive to provide our customers with the best experience, which is why we offer the Fit Guarantee. This policy ensures that you can easily exchange your sunglasses at no additional cost if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. We also guarantee a full refund if you regret your purchase.

We recommend that you first try on your sunglasses online to ensure that they match your style and fit on your face.

To request a return, please email with a copy of your purchase receipt. Our team will quickly process your request and provide you with a Return Label at no cost to you. Please include the Subject "Your Fit Guarantee Request" and your order number in your email.

Once you receive your Return Label, simply package your sunglasses back in the same box that they arrived in and drop it off at the nearest AusPost location to the address listed on the shipping label. You may use the compostable and chemical-free sticker that you received in your package to seal the box. Our company is proud to be 100% plastic-free - no need of extra taping if the box are not damaged.

If you wish to cancel your order and request a refund, please email us to request a Return Label and indicate that you would like a 100% refund. Our team will process your request promptly and issue a refund using the same payment method you used to make your purchase.

Please note that this warranty only applies to online purchases and is valid for 7 days after you receive your sunglasses. Requests submitted after this timeframe will not be covered by this policy. If the item returned exhibits defects, such as broken parts or scratched lenses, the exchange for a new item will not be covered by this policy, nor will you be eligible for a refund. You may have the item returned to you at your own expense.

Lifetime Warranty

At TheBlueer, we consider you part of our Blue Family, and we understand that family last a lifetime. That's why we offer a lifetime warranty on all our sunglasses. This warranty covers any defect or malfunction in the materials or workmanship of your sunglasses, as well as any damage that may occur during delivery.

To take advantage of this lifetime warranty, simply email us at with a picture of your damaged sunglasses (if applicable) and your purchase receipt. Our team will promptly send you a return label at no cost to you. Once we receive your sunglasses, we will assess the issue and determine if it's due to a defect in material or workmanship. If so, we will either fix or replace the sunglasses and return them back to you at no cost.

Please note that any defects caused by excess force from the user, or scratches on the lenses or frames are considered normal wear and tear, and will not be covered under this warranty, nor you will be refunded. However, we will gladly return the item back to you at your own cost. Learn more about the Stay Blue Frame Cover.

If you need to request this warranty, please add to the subject line "Lifetime Warranty Request" and your order number to the email.

This policy applies to online purchase and purchase made at an authorized store.


Please be advised that authorized stores are not responsible for any warranty or coverage related to TheBlueer products. We encourage you to contact us directly at to ensure prompt and efficient handling of any requests or issues related to our products. TheBlueer is solely responsible for processing replacement requests and delivery of such products, which must be done exclusively through our official website at, even if the purchase was previously made at an authorized store.

Sale items will be refunded for the same amount as they were purchased.

If the item was purchased by someone else and shipped directly to you as a gift, we’ll still require proof of purchase from the gift-giver. Once this is obtained, we can either refund to the gift-giver or organise an exchange directly with you, the recipient.


Thank you for choosing TheBlueer and being part of our Blue Family.

Best regards,
TheBlueer Team