How to Dispose Your The Blueer Sunglasses

The Blueer Sunglasses are made to return right back to where they came from: THE NATURE.

It is mainly made of certified wood and the lenses are made TAC 3 technology - They both are BIODEGRADABLE.
What is not biodegradable, are 100% RECYCLABLE.
What goes where exactly
Organic Green Bin:
• Wood Frames
• TAC lenses (they are cellulose made)
• Bamboo Case (can be reused as pen holder)
• Blue Filler Paper (it's compostable and acid free made)
• Blue Sticker outside of the cartoon box (also compostable and soy ink printed)
• Black Mailer and AusPost Sticker (compostable)
Recycle Bin:
• Metal Hinges (you can use the metal tool to remove the metal components of it)
• Cloth Bag and Cleaning Cloth
• Metal Tool
• Paper Card
• Cardboard Box
If you got a Broken Sunglasses, you can be eligible for our Stay Blue Frame Cover to get 50%OFF for a replacement pair.
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