Supporting the Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Not only the Premium Earth-friendly Eyewear, but TheBlueer is also committed to go beyond, to dive deep into preservation. And that is why we are proud to support the @GreatBarrierReefFoundation to save the Great Barrier Reef and the Australian Marine Life for future generations.

What is The Great Barrier Reef Foundation?

They are the lead charity for the Great Barrier Reef. The Foundation has a 20-year history of pioneering high-impact, science-based projects that improve the health of our Reef and consequently preserve the marine life that depends of the reef to survive and thrive.

          GBRF Divers working on a project at the great barrier reef.


Their mission is to bring together people, science and technologies to help solve the challenges facing the Great Barrier Reef, and coral reefs globally. They are committed to realising the aspirations of the Australian First Nations peoples to protect their Land, Island and Sea Country across the Great Barrier Reef.

Some of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation Projects


 That is why our support is very important. Together, TheBlueer and YOU can make their work possible.

To Learn More about their projects and how can you help, please visit The Great Barrier Reef Foundation official website: