Resilient Reefs Initiative


The Great Barrier Reef Foundation has pioneered this global partnership to support World Heritage Reefs, and the communities that depend on them, to adapt to climate change and a combination of local threats.

Right now, 75% of the planet’s Reefs are under threat.

This includes the 29 Reef sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Despite the best efforts of Reef managers around the world, business-as-usual approaches to Reef management are no longer enough. The impacts of climate change mean that the scale and urgency of the challenges need new approaches, right now.

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is leading the charge by establishing the Resilient Reefs Initiative, a bold new partnership with Reef managers and Reef communities to jointly adapt in the face of growing uncertainty.

The Resilient Reefs Initiative is just getting started. But with your help, this ground-breaking initiative could be the game changer our Reefs and their communities so desperately need.

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